Best Green Mailing Practices

In today's economy, you have to spend your dollars wisely.  An effective direct mail campaign is still one of the best ways get your message into the hands of your clients.  It is true that spending with the US Postal Service is down due to things like email, the internet, social media marketing and the web in general.  We at Senoda feel this leaves you ripe with opportunity to take advantage of there being less in the mailbox and making more of an impact.

The first place a Green mailing begins with is with your mailing list.  The importance of updating and improving your list not only reduces waste in printing, but saves you a great deal of money on postage.  Properly removing duplicates and updating addresses through the National Change Of Address Database are 2 key steps you can take to ensure a clean mailing.

Selecting papers that contain a high Post-Consumer Waste(PCW) content is best.  Our house stocks are 40% PCW and perform great!  'Going green' does not mean using drab, uncoated and off-white papers.  There are several choices from premier paper houses that are well within the same budget as the same old papers you've been using.

Unless you continue the thought process to the inks, you aren't getting the full effect of 'going green'.  Soy or water based ink is another consideration on your offset runs.  Digital printing should be done on a press that does not use plastic based toners that are the most harmful to the recycling process.

Your efforts should not begin with paper selection.  It should begin with design.  Utilizing the maximum are you have to share your message means printing 2 sided, making sure your content is king, but vivd imagery is used to create impact.  When we design for mailing, we understand that you have but a few short seconds, if that, to get your message across.  And use some of your valuable real estate on your mailing to share with your clients that you care about recycling and encourage them to do so!  There are many creative ways to incorporate more than one message into a direct mail piece.  Who knows, your message to customers about your environmental concerns may just lead them to hearing your business message more clearly.

Taking the time up front to be 'green' while in consideration of your goal, can lead not only to a green mailing, but an efficient and successful one, too.

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