How I use Dropbox

Every now and then, something comes along that makes you think "How in the world did I ever work without this?" Dropbox might top that list. Simply put, "you're stuff, when you need it". Of course, I am talking about your digital stuff… Documents, pictures, files, presentations, etc. I have been using Dropbox for over 2 years now and have referred over a dozen people that have actually opened accounts on my recommendation. Dropbox has become an invaluable part of my daily workflow. One of the best things is that I do not even pay for it. Not a dime. The standard free account comes with 2 Gigabytes of storage.  Of course, you can pay for more and you get a lot more. Or you can refer others and Dropbox rewards you with extra free space.  However, the greatest reward is that it just works.

The premise is simple. Put your stuff in a folder on your computer, a special folder, a folder that syncs with 'the cloud'. That is, once you drop it there, it uploads to a Dropbox server.  Simply install Dropbox on any other computer, Mac or PC, and your stuff automagically shows up there, too. Make a change to a document and that change almost instantly shows up across any of the computers you have your Dropbox account stored on. It does not stop there. What if you do not have any of your computers with you? Just find any computer connected to the internet, go to the Dropbox website and log in. Guess what? There is all your stuff! Download it and do with it what you will. Have an iPhone or other Smartphone?  There's an app for that.  Just open the app on your phone and have access to all your stuff. Open it, view it, listen to it, watch it or forward a copy of it to your friend or co-worker. Even upload to Dropbox right from your smartphone. Pictures, files, almost anything.

Sharing is a huge part of Dropbox as well. I think it is best to explain sharing while at the same time sharing exactly how I use Dropbox for my line of work, printing and graphics. Print files are large and they typically require more file size than old fashioned email allows for. Graphic Design requires many pieces to complete a puzzle and the pieces come from many sources. Senoda's Art Director and I share a folder in Dropbox. In the pieces go, out comes a masterpiece! RAW photos are put in the folder at 6 PM and they're there waiting for her to start burning the midnight oil!  Often times an electronic proof is too large to email and reducing file size compromises the graphic quality. The solution? Dropbox. Just place the file in the shared folder and send a link to the customer. A link takes up no email space, which is becoming more and more critical these days.  The proof can be downloaded and viewed wherever best for the customer. The workflow keeps on flowing! When the design is approved and ready to print, off it goes in a folder I share with prepress.  No action needed other than to say "it's in the Dropbox!" Logos, templates, client color pallet information… These are all accessible anytime, anywhere. 

It has been quite rare over the past year that I have been asked for a file and did not have the ability to provide it almost immediately to a customer. We work in one of the busiest and most demanding cities in the world. Thanks to Dropbox, Senoda is able to meet those demands quicker and easier.  If you haven't tried it, try the link below*

Learn more about Dropbox here

*Senoda is not affiliated with Dropbox in any way and does not benefit from recommending the service.  However, the writer of this does potentially receive extra storage space for the referral.



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