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Relationships Matter

The secret to Senoda’s web strategy? Its partnership with Vim Interactive, [link] which specializes in web project planning, custom coding, content management and more.

Senoda’s trust in Vim Interactive is based on three important factors:

Take a peek at what Senoda and Vim created together.

Wondering how to get print and branding materials to match a newly designed website? Find out.

Now, about that new site…

Six Ways to Make a Website


1. Discovery & Research

Vim Interactive begins by getting familiar with your organization.

It’s all about looking at the big picture and gathering the right information before anything starts.

2. Information Architecture — You’ve Been Found!

Like any solid structure, this is where Vim Interactive lays a firm foundation for your website. They focus on 3 key areas:

Your website will be easy to navigate because a solid foundation supports everything else.

And speaking of everything else…

3. Content Strategy & Search Engine Optimization

Know Your Audience – Content Strategy

Your audience knows what they are searching for and Vim Interactive can make sure your site has it. Vim develops content that communicates your most important messages to attract the clients you most desire.

Resourceful website + repeat visitors = a return on your investment!

Like A Fish to Water – Search Engine Optimization

Repeat visitors, that’s the trick! Here’s how the magic happens. When you search a topic online, think about how often you find what you’re looking for near the top. That’s because major search engines rank the content they find on websites with phrases that users (like you!) type into the search bar. Here’s how Vim Interactive can get your site on top:

Analysis of site content and ranking in major search engines

Develop a plan for easy content revision as technology evolves

4. Visual Design — More Than Meets the Eye

Visual design isn’t just about gorgeous images, fonts, and flourishes – it’s about creating a user experience. Good design guides the eye! You want your clients to easily find the content they are looking for because it positively impacts their online experience and overall impression of your organization. Vim Interactive balances design with usability in a way that best suits your target market.

5. Development & Testing — “Whew! Can I See It Yet?”

Yes, you can! With the Information Architecture set and the Visual Design phase complete, Vim Interactive merges the two with standards-compliant coding and testing. This ensures that all users can access your site, and that your site displays accurately in all major web browsers.

6. Content Management

Wait…there’s content strategy AND management? There is. Management is how you update your site’s content. Vim Interactive can develop a customized systerm that lets you easily create, edit, and publish your online content.

New Website Done! And Now…New Print Materials?!

Don’t worry about overhauling your brand identity or starting over because of a new website or site re-design. Because Senoda is partnering with Vim Interactive, the process of web to print is fully integrated. Voila! A web presence designed to match your offline branding materials. All at the same time.

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