Army Ten-Miler: Variable Data

Army Ten-Miler: Variable Data Mailings to Go!

Who They Are

An annual race event hosted by the U.S. Army Military District of DC. The purpose is to raise money for soldiers and their families.

What They Needed

To recruit participants! In order to do this, event organizers asked Senoda to produce 2 variable data mailings. The postcards would be mailed before the event to entice former participants. A second mailing after the race would serve as a memento to each runner and reminder to join the event next year. Senoda also created race-day materials (a calendar, program and map for each participant).

The Challenge

Double-sided postcards with variable images and data merged together from multiple sources.

On your mark... 25,000 custom postcards... Get set... Produced twice... GO!

Senoda’s Solution

Being the sole vendor for the project, communication flowed between Senoda’s prepress, mail shop and data processing teams.

Ease of communication + state of the art software = simplification = cost, time and quality control!

Pre-event postcards had the former runner’s name and race photo on one side. Their name, address, and previous year’s race data was on the other. This was accomplished by organizing and merging the photos with the race data to create the customized materials.  Senoda further organized the postcards by printing six to a sheet and in pre-sorted zip code order to optimize postal discounts.

How This Helps YOU

Forward thinking by Senoda! Organization of complicated data to create beautiful, customized promotional pieces.

Here’s the trick:

Senoda continues to adapt the 500 year old printing industry by constantly staying on top of new software, development and technology changes. Want to know what inspires them?

“If I asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.”
– Henry Ford

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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