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History & Mission

Well established and well respected, Senoda is the perfect complement to make your vision a reality. With more than 30 years of proven experience serving our clients’ evolving needs, Senoda is ready to listen, inspire and solve. With your hard work and the Senoda team’s expertise, you can’t help but succeed. Our testimonials and references speak for themselves. Just ask us for them. Senoda has a longstanding reputation in the National Capitol Region for completing projects on time and on budget. Since 1988, Senoda has built its business and its reputation on a stable of proven professionals who can complete any and all functions related to production of your marketing collateral; including writing, editing, design, printing and distribution of that collateral through warehousing and mailhouse services.


Our Founder

From 1984 through 2003, for 20 straight years, never has a single year gone by that Dave hasn’t been in a U.S. Open or Closed final—and for 17 of those 20 years, year after year, he’s held a major U.S. title. Definitely he’s worked long and hard for the honor we bestow upon him tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen, “Mr. Big”—Dave Sakai.


Executive Team


Senoda’s team of dedicated professionals is ready at a moment’s notice to talk directly with you to solve any problem. In person, on the phone or via email, we offer creative, fast and flexible solutions. Give us the opportunity to embrace your challenge as our own and earn your business today!


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