Destination DC: E-Commerce

Destination DC: E-Commerce That Draws Them In

Who They Are

A private non-profit with over 1,000 members in the travel and tourism arena. The organization promotes Washington DC as THE location for tourism, conventions and special events.

What They Needed

To enhance their website, making Destination DC online a must-visit site!

The Challenge

Since the goal was to get more people to town, Destination DC’s site had to be immediately appealing and informative. After all, the purpose was to get visitors to book a hotel room! But Destination DC’s current branding standards also had to be maintained during the e-commerce re-design.

Senoda’s Solution

Professional photography and design added to the visual appeal of Destination DC’s promotional efforts. A secure payment system was made intuitive and easy to use for all visitors. Plus, the setup allowed site administrators to easily manage Destination DC’s e-commerce division.

Plus, Senoda's warehousing, shipping and tracking capabilities allow the e-commerce transactions to become seamless to Destination DC.  They never have to actually touch their product.  Senoda handles it all!

How This Helps YOU

Having an e-commerce site that is easy to maintain means employees can spend more time doing their job! There’s no need to hire additional staff. And that saved Destination DC money.

How can we help you?

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